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Offering the best hearing solutions in the business, Central Texas Hearing Center evaluates your hearing loss, individual lifestyle, and unique requirements before suggesting a hearing aid.

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ReSound LiNX

ReSound LiNX

Direct Connection between Hearing Aids and iPhone!

Central Texas Hearing Center is excited to offer the first made for iPhone hearing aids, the ReSound LiNX. Dr. Langham and Guempel have been fitting LiNX hearing aids since their debut in March of 2014 and are proud to report they have many happy patients enjoying the technology! LiNX hearing aids are available at most price points and levels of hearing loss. Patients are enjoying the direct streaming connection offered by LiNX- hearing a phone call directly inside your ears from your hearing aids greatly improves hearing clarity on the phone! Patients are also reporting that they are happy to have a “lost my hearing aid” function with LiNX- your phone will show the exact GPS location of your hearing aids if they are ever misplaced. The LiNX hearing aids are also allowing our patients to have greater fine tuning ability- you can alter treble and bass function and geotag the settings so your hearing aids remember the changes made in each specific environment. Check out what Apple and ReSound have to say about these remarkable devices: