Our Mission

Offering individualized attention and care to each of our patients.

Central Texas Hearing Center’s mission is to provide hearing services through diagnostic and rehabilitation care offering individualized attention and care to each of our patients– pediatric through adults.

We strive to promote the well-being of all patients while helping each achieve and maintain the highest quality of life. At Central Texas Hearing Center, we value evidenced-based practice, compassion for hearing healthcare, integrity, commitment to satisfaction, individualized professional care and high quality hearing aids.

Audiology and Hearing Aids

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  • Steve G.

    I have been wearing my hearing aids from Central Texas Hearing for over two years now and they have made a significant improvement in the quality of my life. I never realized just how much I was not hearing until I began wearing my hearing aids. The hearing aids are easy to use and barely visible when wearing them. Also, the care and support from Dr. Guempel has been outstanding.

  • Crosby B.

    I have been wearing a hearing aid for over 23 years for single sided deafness and I have tried the services of numerous audiologists and none have been as patient and technically competent as Dr. Leah Guempel. Any problems are solved with friendly and prompt service. I am most impressed with is her integrity and understanding of my special needs.

    Leah’s knowledge of all the hearing aids currently on the market today gives her an edge in solving the most difficult hearing impairments.

    Leah has been very proficient with fine tuning the technical settings to optimize the benefits of my newest hearing aid.

    Her front office staff is remarkable, always smiling, very prompt and always makes me feel comfortable.

    Thank you for improving my hearing so much that I can now function way more better in our fast paced complex world.

  • Leonard L.

    Dr. Langham, A quick note to let you know that your help has provided me the finest hearing quality I have had in recent memory. It’s startling and simply wonderful!

  • Leah – San Marcos, TX

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10 Things to Ask Before You Buy

Asking these important questions can help you decide if hearing aids are right for you.

Our office is equipped with the most advanced computerized instruments for evaluating your hearing, diagnosing your problem, and fitting your hearing aids.

  • 1.Can my hearing loss be treated by a doctor?
  • 2.Have you received a hearing evaluation?
  • 3.Which hearing aid design is best for me?
  • 4.Is there a trial period to test the hearing aids?
  • 5.After the trial period, is there a charge to return?
  • 6.How long is the warranty and can it be extended?
  • 7.Does the warranty cover maintenance and repairs?
  • 8.Can my hearing aids be adjusted?
  • 9.What kind of training will I receive?
  • 10.Can my hearing aids work with Bluetooth?

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Our staff will make your office visits pleasant by providing you with top-notch customer service. We focus on patient education, take our time with you, and do our very best to help you achieve improved hearing.