Ten Questions to Ask Before Purchasing Hearing Aids

1. Who is your provider, are they a licensed Audiologist?

Audiologists are hearing healthcare providers that hold either Master’s or Doctorate degrees in the field of audiology. Working with an Audiologist insures your care is backed by years of training and knowledge in the field of hearing sciences. Doctors Leah Guempel and Amanda Langham are Doctors of Audiology, licensed to practice in Texas, and hold national certification in clinical competency through ASHA.

2. Is there a trial period after the hearing aid purchase? Will there be a fee or charge if I choose to return the instruments?

Every state is different, but in Texas there is a guaranteed thirty day trial period. During the trial period at Central Texas Hearing Center, we strive to provide a successful experience with the hearing aids. If they are found unsatisfactory, we promise a trouble free return.

3. Does your provider offer a variety of manufacturers to choose from?

Ask the question! You would be surprised to learn that some of the big names only offer one or two manufacturers. At Central Texas Hearing Center we are proud to work with several of the top manufacturers including ReSound, Unitron, Phonak, Siemens, Widex, Starkey, and Oticon.

4. Does the provider accept insurances?

Again ask the question! Many places do not accept insurance for hearing tests and the purchase of hearing aids. At Central Texas Hearing Center, we are in network for most of the major insurances including Medicare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare, Humana, and Cigna.

5. What is the warranty period? What is the follow-up care offered by the provider?

Warranty periods and terms can vary, this is an important aspect to look at. At Central Texas Hearing Center, we offer lifetime follow-up care including cleaning, maintenance, and adjustments. All hearing devices at Central Texas Hearing Center include a two or three year warranty.

6. Are there any medical or surgical considerations or corrections for my hearing loss?

The audiologists at Central Texas Hearing Center provide thorough diagnostics services to identify the cause, severity, and degree of hearing loss. If a hearing loss appears to have a medical or surgical correction, Doctors Guempel and Langham will refer to the appropriate medical professionals.

7. Does your provider discuss a variety of product levels of technology and payment plans or does your provider advertise one price and discuss another with you?

Technology levels vary by instrument, and it is important to find the right instrument for your lifestyle. Central Texas Hearing Center proudly offers a variety of technology levels for all different budgets. We have financing plans including 12 months no interest for most levels of hearing aid technology.

8. How difficult is it to schedule an appointment with your provider?

Make note of the clinics location, hours, and availability. Central Texas Hearing Center offers two full-time locations in San Marcos and Austin that are open Monday through Friday 9am-5pm.

9. Are there different styles and battery options available?

There are many different digital options available today! Doctors Guempel and Langham will discuss the available styles and recommend a device based on your hearing level and lifestyle. Many different battery options are available as well, including rechargeable devices.

10. How do I know if I need hearing help?

Usually it is the tell-tale signs of “huh”, “excuse me” or “what”. If you find yourself asking people to repeat themselves or wondering why your loved ones seem to mumble, it may be time to come in for a hearing test.