1. Louder is not always better! Speak slowly and clearly, and remember there is no need to shout.
  2. Get the full attention of the listener before speaking, and face them when you speak. “Cross Room” talk is difficult, try speaking when the listener can see your face.
  3. Reduce background noise as much as possible; sometimes this takes creative seating solutions.
  4. If in a restaurant, make sure the person with hearing loss is seated with their back to a corner to help reduce the amount of noise surrounding them. Corner booths are great!
  5. Rephrase, rather than repeat, a misunderstood sentence.
  6. Use an assistive listening device like Hearing Aids to increase speech understanding, particularly in noisy situations.
  7. Take turns talking when in a group situation.  It is especially hard for people with hearing loss to follow the conversation when more than one person is talking.
  8. When in doubt, ask what you can do to make communication easier.

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